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The state of masculinity and leadership cultures have always been interconnected

Samsung Csc

I provide men with the tools to develop awareness and alignment in their inner world - so they can powerfully and intentionally grow business revenue and impact, expand trust and intimacy in relationships, and lead social change.

I lived my dream work hard, play hard lifestyle. Working in the hedge fund, technology startup, and management consulting industries, I pushed through high stress, redundant workloads, and disempowered leadership roles to succeed at a young age and live a life of luxury, or so it seemed .

Then I fell to a chronic illness, which kept me housebound for six months and for several years snatched away my ability to work, connect with others and enjoy the activities that used to drive me.

After years of relentless introspection and self-experimentation to overcome this illness, I transformed my mind, my emotions, and my way of being to reclaim my health and vitality, step into my power, elevate my emotional state, master my sexuality, and live a more impactful and fulfilling life - all on my terms!

It is unacceptable that in order to survive or attain a desired lifestyle, success driven leaders are expected to give in to uninspired, unreasonably fast paced, and high-stress routines that suppress our well-being, personal power, free expression, and intimacy

Now is the time we transform our culture to one that prioritizes mental and physical health along with empowered, inspired leadership so we can achieve greater collective business success and deepen and expand intimacy in our relationships

Welcome to Men of Mastery

Health & Vitality - Powerful Presence - Emotional Intelligence - Relationship & Sexual Mastery

Talks & Content

Talks, Videos, & Podcasts
Check out my library of talks, videos, podcasts, and blog posts. I continue to share key messages about the pressing need for men to step into their power and emotional intelligence, the benefits of mind-body wellness practices, and the importance of understanding masculine / feminine dynamics in business and relationship leadership.

Men of Mastery

Men's Work & Leadership Brotherhood
MEN OF MASTERY is a brotherhood of top business leaders across communities globally who are committed to inner alignment, raw authenticity, and a reconnection with their masculinity to become more powerful and inspirational leaders. We will only see change when we take ownership of lives and are accountable for how we show up as men.

The Blueprint

18 states for the congruent man

The Blueprint

Download my 31 page blueprint to learn more about the men's work movement, and my methodology to help men develop inner alignment to become powerful, high-performing leaders.