Keep Calm and Thrive On!

You have likely seen the various “Keep Calm” posters that have been all the craze over the past decade, such as “Keep Calm and Carry On”, “Keep Calm and Go Shopping”, or “Keep Calm and Call Me Maybe?”. There is a slogan for almost anything you can think of that tells you to keep calm and do something.

In modern America, it is perceived as a sign of weakness to be calm all the time, especially for those in a position of power or high status. Many assert that if one is always calm, they will get taken advantage of, lose out on opportunities, and not command respect. That could not be further from the truth. One can be calm and stand their ground, be calm and out-strategize an opponent, and be calm and lead. All these things can be done better if one’s mind, and thus physical body is calibrated to a neutral and aware state.

There are many reasons why maintaining a consistent level of calm can bring about desired outcomes. For one, keeping one’s body cycles and brain waves in a steady rhythm will help avoid stress and maintain an optimal mind and body. Staying calm also allows one to clearly process a negative situation and make a thoughtful decision that brings the best outcome. Maintaining equanimity encourages clarity when engaged in a debate, negotiating at an important business meeting, speaking to large audiences, or in out-strategizing an opponent.

Staying calm does not mean that you should ignore a situation that makes you angry or upset or force yourself to deny your beliefs or needs. It means the best course of action is to read the situation with a clear mind, understand what emotion the situation triggers, and take a logical course of action that brings about the best possible result. This requires being self-aware enough to notice when these emotions rise and having enough willpower to respond in a strategic manner that brings you the best outcome. Those who can skillfully maintain a state of calm and awareness in both extremely good and extremely bad situations tend to get what they want, gain trust from those who follow them, and keep a more rational outlook when facing both successes and challenges. This, is self-mastery.

Below are a few scenarios illustrating how maintaining composure can be beneficial:



Men of Mastery will provide you with tools to understand and master your mental, emotional, and physical being to enable a steady internal state throughout each day. This will equip you to handle high-pressure situations effectively and reduce the impact that negativity and stress have on your health. Here is a phrase you can repeat to yourself the next time you are in the pressure cooker: take three slow, deep breaths, and tell yourself, “keep calm and thrive on!”.