The Leadership Brotherhood

By Invitation Only

Many men project their internal dissonance - their nice-guy syndrome or fear-driven ego onto their loved one’s, colleagues, and sometimes an entire work culture. This leadership style creates dysfunctional relationships and toxic work environments that diminish health, fulfillment, creativity, and ultimately performance.

It is time for the rise of the congruent leader - one who Magnetically creatEs trusting, Expansive Relationships and Innovative, Empowered, and high-performing organizational cultures

The Program

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Begins September 3rd, 2021 in Tulum Mexico

Live & Lead with Power & Inspiration

Create a Lifestyle of Freedom and Drive Business Growth Through Transformational Inner Practice and Brotherhood

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Leadership Brotherhood
By Invitation Only

- 12 Weeks -

Personal Commitment

2 Retreats in Tulum, Mexico

+ Weekly Virtual Group Coaching Sessions

+ Weekly Practice Assignments for Continuous Transformation & Growth

+ Tools For Real-Time Feedback, Support, & Accountability

+ Ongoing Alumni Virtual Gatherings

Financial Commitment

$9,000 + Retreat Travel, Room, & Food

The Inner Practice


Psycho-Physiological (Mind-body) Alignment

Call to eradicate the acceptance of high pressure, high-stress lifestyles which has led to an increase in burnout, depression, anxiety and illness.

Congruence of the mind, the emotional center, the nervous system, and the physical body to create robust health and vitality and increase mental, physical, and sexual performance.

The Self-Expression

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Authentic Expression & Empowered Action

Call to change disempowering and fear-driven leadership styles that promote ingenuine political-speak, conforming group-think, and blind compliance.

Congruence of one’s true nature, hidden shadows, and ideal self, free from traumas and conditioned patterns, fully integrated and expressed; to reveal one’s true power in all situations and interactions.

The Embodied Philosophy

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Balancing Masculine & Feminine Traits

Call to correct the imbalanced masculinity and femininity in today’s culture that devalues emotions and values purposeless competition over meaningful impact.

Congruence of healthy masculine traits of power, purpose, logic, and structure with feminine traits of compassion, expression, intuition, and flow to cultivate authentic relationships and a culture of meaningful impact.

Health & Vitality - Powerful Presence - Emotional Intelligence - Relationship & Sexual Mastery

Enhance your organization's leadership & culture

The corporate training includes education for team members company-wide and private training for selected members in leadership. I will be co-creating this engagement with your organization's executive team to ensure my methodology is applied to best fit your organizations cultural needs and performance goals.

The Congruent Leadership Corporate Training is designed to empower and inspire team members across the organization to contribute their innate talents and heartfelt passion to the culture and mission of your organization. A unified, empowered workforce will lead to a health focused, high energy organizational culture that values brand loyalty, innovation, and performance.

Congruent Leadership Corporate Training

Weekly Lunch & Learn

Weekly Wellness Workshop (Organization-wide)

Private Coaching & Training for Leadership Team

Company Culture Assessment

Additional Services Based on Your Organizations Needs

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The Congruence Project Blueprint

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The Congruence Project Blueprint

Download my 31 page blueprint to learn more about the movement, and my methodology to help men develop inner congruence to become powerful, heart-driven leaders.