Men's Work

Weekly Community Gatherings And Virtual Men's Workshops

Join my weekly in-person community and virtual Men’s Workshops to inwardly explore, outwardly express, and share all parts of yourself with a community of brothers. It is time we as men develop congruence within ourselves so we can show up in our lives powerfully with heart and emotional intelligence, and it is time we as men collectively band together into brotherhood to allow ourselves to be fully expressed in all of who we are. The container held for the men during each workshop is built on non-judgement, openness, and trust.


Community Gatherings

Wednesday's at 6:00 PM EST at Maka Hotel Boutique in Tulum

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For those in Tulum, Mexico; join us weekly at Maka Hotel Boutique on Wednesday’s to break bread and discuss important issues surrounding how we as men can show up better in our careers, relationships, and in society. This is an open forum roundtable discussion with top leaders who are building outside of the box solutions to create impact.

We will be bringing these community gatherings to cities across the globe. Stay tuned to find out where we will be next!

Virtual Men's Workshops

Monday's at 7:00 PM EST on Zoom

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The virtual men’s workshop has been created to bring men from around the world into community, so we grow together with accountability and support. Each workshop will cover a different theme, with each theme typically centered around a specific masculine trait within each of us. Each session will include a combination of the following exercises: meditation, visualization, breathwork, embodied expression, sexual energy circulation, shadow work, archetype development, partner work, targeted coaching, and group support.